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GLP Sunflower plot
High clearance boom

Our main goal is offering high quality data and research services for GLP, efficacy and confined/stewarded (Biotech) studies. Our team is dedicated to working with agricultural companies to develop products and practices which are safer for the environment, humans, animals, pollinators and the agroecosystems.

To achieve our goals and meet the protocol requirements, we have custom-built equipment, such as seeders, tilling equipment & sprayers. We have also develop new techniques for faster and more efficient sample collection (i.e.: pollen collection using portable vacuum cleaner). Our team has years of education, experience and training to ensure they can perform the required tasks.

We are also proud to supply several local food banks with donations from our untreated plots. Every year, we donate hundreds of kilograms of vegetables to help those in need.

New-Marc custom sprayer in a hemp plot
Broccoli donation
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